Welcome to Lakeshore Speakers Neuchatel!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone, as Neale Donald Walsh says. Have you ever wished your public speaking skills would be far beyond average? When did you really enjoy giving a toast at a family event or an impromptu speech in your job? Do you sometimes feel that better communication skills may raise your professional success ?

Please feel welcome to meet our members, experience a fun atmosphere, and understand how communication, leadership and public speaking skills will support you to reach your private or professional goals.

We are a young, international club, have members of all age groups, with broad backgrounds and a never ending source of exciting ideas and speech topics. In a fun atmosphere you will have endless opportunities to learn and advance in your leadership and communication skills. And maybe find your personal destiny.

Come and join us to experience the atmosphere yourself !

We meet twice a month and take pride in fostering excellence, brilliant meetings and courage to leave the comfort zone. It is fun to learn at Toastmasters: about others, about yourself, and also about teambuilding.


Kathrin Ahrens
President of Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel
Official Club belonging to Toastmasters


The structure of a typical meeting: prepared speeches, speech evaluations, improvised speeches. And a celebration aperitif in the end!

Meeting details:
Lakeshore Speakers Neuchatel meet every first and third Monday of a month at Coaching Square Swiss (Quai Robert-Comtesse 3).
The venue might be subject to changes. Guests should please contact a club officer before  the meeting to check the venue.

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