Meeting on 16.12.2013

Christmas time and everything is white! However, we had to wait until the break, when there was not only wine, salami, bread and other good things but also some Christmas decoration. Thank you, Helene and Mario!

Before the break we listened to two touching speeches: Gustavo wore dark sunglasses and everybody thought of them as props. But they turned out to be „real“: Gustavo has had a surgery on his eye three days before and spoke about his corneal disease and what he experienced when he had to spend 72 hours in complete darkness. Not only Mie as his evaluator was impressed with the humorous way he presented this serious topic.

Marisa talked about how she experienced the differences between Spain and Switzerland. She pointed out that the fact that some (most?) things in CH work whereas they do not work in E is due to a lack of trust. Her evaluator Ferhat – and all the other listeners – could only agree.

Table topics by Roswitha were based on Christmas carols, and not all the speakers approved of the questions.

Riccardo as the toastmaster of the evening showed excellent leadership skills. As there weren’t printed agendas he had to improvise, and he did this in a wonderful manner, light-hearted, self-deprecating, funny. He did not even become the “Ah-champion” – Ferhat did “better” in his evaluation and in his table topic.

The evaluations and reports by all the role-takers were excellent as usual, and I think there was even more laughter as usual. Hopefully Charlie, our guest at this meeting, will agree and return next year!

All the best to Mario and his sour tooth! Hope you’ll be able to speak, eat and drink in the mean time!

The next meeting will take place on 6th January, 18.30 h at Microcity.

A merry Christmas and a veryveryvery happy new year to everyone,


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