Meeting on 17.2.2014

We had yet another nice meeting with lots of laughs and smiles. And again with the participation of an “old” plus a new guest. We were happy to once again see Geraldine (hope she stays onJ) and for the first time Leopoldo from Mexico (hope he comes back 🙂 ). It is always nice to add even more international flavour to the club.

Gustavo was a brilliant toastmaster and guided us with his Brazilian charm through the night.

Due to a last minute cancellation from Ferhat, we only had one speech this evening, given by Marisa. But as they say, rather quality than quantity! Marisa gave a wonderful speech about colours and how people can be divided into four “colour groups”, which will also define their personalities – and even how they work (so Marisa has to hide to her boss that she is a yellow person with at times slightly chaotic attitudes…). The speech was very interesting and captivating – and put a smile on all our facesJ. Helene gave Marisa a constructive evaluation to help her develop even more.

The break was as always a culinary experience and a nice time to chat informally with each other.

David had prepared great and challenging questions for Table Topics, where he more than ever challenged our imagination. For instance; imagine you were a pet, imagine you were a woman (asked to Pradyumna!), imagine you were a millionaire etc. And finally, Roswitha was asked to imagine the world without imagination!

The meeting ended with the reports and we finished a wonderful meeting shortly before 20.00. Unfortunately, we had to say farewell to Gustavo, who is going abroad to study. To remember us, a small gift had been arranged (a book about presentation skills, written by a fellow toastmaster). But he has promised to stop by in November, where he will be visiting Neuchatel.

Next meeting will take place in Microcity on March 3rd.

Kind regards


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