Meeting on 17.3.2014

Fellow Toastmasters and guests,

This a “better late than never” recap for our last meeting two weeks ago on 17 March. I also take the opportunity to remind you that our next meeting is 7 April. As usual our meetings are on the first and third Mondays of the month so we skip the 5th Monday in this current month.

Roswitha was our Toastmaster for the evening and she was an excellent example of how to be a Toastmaster and manage a meeting. She entertained us with small anecdotes and the way she segued (see PS at end for definition) from speaker to speaker was a super demonstration of how it can be done.

Our first speaker was Josh Levent, a guest from the Bern TM Club. Josh is trying to reach his 6th speech so he can be eligible to participate in future club competitions. His speech was for Project 4 from the CC manual “How to Say It” and it related to his capturing the attention of his audience in his business. Riccardo was the evaluator and he provided praise and encouragement to Josh. It was a pleasure to have a guest speaker from another club.

The second speaker was David Stibal and his topic was “Placebo – can deception heal?” This was his 7th project, Research your Topic, from the CC manual. David also used this opportunity to prepare this speech as a target speech for the Bern Club competition the following week. Mario evaluated and he found it to be a fun subject that was informative and well presented.

Helene Kristrom was our third speaker and she was working on manual The Entertaining Speaker, Project 2. The speech was titled Walking in red Shoes and she told us about the social and environmental movement called “Red Shoe”. It was informative and entertaining to learn about a movement that promotes social happiness and ecological habits and contributions. Pradyumna was the evaluator and he found the speech informative, entertaining, and funny with well-timed jokes.

Table Topics was an impromptu round robin where the person speaking was required to make up the next subject. It is a very fun but challenging exercise, questions are often harder to make up on the spot than giving a TT reply. Everyone participated including our guest Valerie Pierard who gave an excellent reply and next question on her very first Table Topics experience, bravo Valerie!

Riccardo was our most excellent timer for the evening. Mario was the Grammarian and Ah Counter and he gave the team high marks on both counts.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the next meeting on Monday 7 April.


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