Meeting on 18.11.2013

Good evening,

I want to first apologize for the delay experienced, I was out of town lately and could hardly focus on the club.

However, I can remind you that we had a great inaugural meeting in the new and beautiful Microcity. We had the incredible number of 3 guests (one came on her own, congrats to her! It takes a lot of guts!) and two I invited myself.

We had only two speeches that night. I started presenting to the members the benefits of helping others and told them about a young dancer I knew, called John Lennon Da Silva. For those curious about his art, I include a youtube link . For those I achieved to make curious about service clubs, I’ll drop the names of the three major ones: Lions Club, Rotary Club and Kiwanis. All of those do have clubs in the region. I might be able to put you in contact with people in the Lions, as I have a granted access to all of them. Then, David told us about homeopathics. Do you know what it is? Not as well as those who did attend the meeting! Let me assure you! Mixing complex and necessary jargon and everyday words did not lessen the quality of the speech and led all of us to understand the concepts.

We finished the meeting with Ferhat leading the Table Topics about… no, not IT this time! He challenged us to speak about sports: mainly football and the 2014 World Cup. Our guest Cathriona did wonderful on her first Table Topic and we hope she will mark her presence next time too!

The meeting finished with our Toastmaster of the evening, Pradyumna, who led wonderfully the meeting and Helene closing the event and allowing our guests to let us know how they felt about the meeting and, happily enough, Vlad and Cathriona agreed to attend the next one!

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