Meeting on 19.5.2014

Our last meeting on Monday, 19th May, was another one of our fast and active meetings.

We were not many, since some members were absent due to the district conference in Krakow an due to other reasons. We therefore had to improvise a little and distribute some roles on the spot. However, this did not diminish the quality of the meeting and we enjoyed a fast-paced and energetic meeting with everything that Toastmasters meting should have.

Our Toastmaster of the evening was Riccardo, who started by going over the agenda and clarifying the course of the meeting. He then invited Pradyumna to give his first humorist speech. We all know how good Pradyumna is in delivering witty speeches and so it came as no surprise that his speech was well composed and brought many smiles to faces of the audience.

Mario delivered his evaluation right after the speech, which forced him to improvise. Despite that, he managed to sum up Pradyumna’s strong points and  and deliver a complete semi-impromptu evaluation.

The theme of Table topics was ‘movie quotes’ and every participant had to react to a quote from a popular movie, whether he knew the movie or not. Everyone did great and we had a lot of laughs with some responses. Special credit to Alessandro, who skillfully avoided the question and talked about a mildly related topic during his whole speech 🙂 .

We finished the meeting with reports of Grammarian (Mario), Timer (me) and general evaluator (me again).

Afterwards, we enjoyed our typical snack break, where we chatted and shared stories, as usual.

I highly enjoyed the meeting and I hope to see you in full numbers on the next one, which is on 2nd June.

Best regards


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