Meeting on 20.1.2014

Hello Guys,

The last meeting was one of the best meetings that we had so far, not only because we had 3 amazing speeches, but also because the room was completely full and we had a lot of laughing.

Mie was the Toastmaster of the evening, the minimum that we can say about her performance is that she was just brilliant. Beyond her communication and leadership skills, Mie demonstrated great skills on how to introduce the speakers and how to manage the whole session efficiently.

Pradyumna took the floor as the first speaker. He shared with us very valuable and inspiring life lessons from his PhD. I bet that you all still remember the ABC lessonJ. By finishing this speech, Pradyumna has successfully finished the CC manual. He received a warm congratulations from the audience and an extremely delicious chocolate from Helene.

Gustavo gave an excellent speech about the perfect culture. He told us his points of view about the pros and cons of his place of birth and compared them with his place of origin and other places. We all shared him most of the points (as we kept laughing 🙂 ). The lesson of the speech is that there is no perfect culture, a trade-off must always be found.

Riccardo talked about his experience with theater. He not only surprised us with his gestures, facial expressions and movements, but he also did one of the funniest speeches so far. He recommended to everyone to try this experience at least once.

After the break we followed with a Table topic prepared by Mario (who couldn’t attend the meeting because of a last-min impediment) but well presented by Helene, which had many roles this evening. The questions implied a lot of memory and imagination efforts. We all enjoyed listing to the participants, notably our new guest Geraldine.

The evaluations and reports by all the role-takers were just excellent. Helene, Roswitha, and Marissa provided constructive feedback to our speakers. David (the general evaluator) and his team, Ferhat and Marissa, did an excellent job as well.

Before closing the meeting, Roswitha evaluated the performance of Mie. We all saw how the David’ complement has biased the evaluation 🙂 .

Finally, Mie closed the meeting by asking our guests to express their first impressions, we could read from the answers that they are very willing to come again for the next meeting, which will take place on 3rd February, 18:30h at Microcity.

Looking forward to see you next time.


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