Meeting on 24.4.2014

Lakeshore Speakers  meeting on 21st of April was a special one for three main reasons. Firstly, we had four new guests (Catalina, Paul, Milad, and Sanket) and one new member for the club. Welcome Bhavik!  Secondly, we had the ice-breaker speech from Cathriona. And thirdly we had 12 attendees for a meeting on a Easter Monday (a holiday!).

 The toastmaster of the evening, Mario, started the meeting by introducing the toastmasters club to the guests and also asked the guests to introduce themselves to the club. This was followed by the General evaluator, Pradyumna, who introduced the Timer (Helene); the Ah-counter (Roswitha); the Table-Topics master (Ferhat); and the Grammarian (Pradyumna).

 The first speech was an ice-breaker given by Cathriona, who spoke on how she moved from Ireland to Switzerland, the similarities between two cultures, and how she had to re-learn French. Congratulations Cathriona for your ice breaker! The second speech was given by Mario, who spoke about Ultrasonics and how is it different from Ultrasound. He also showed some great examples where such systems were used and educated the whole club.

 The prepared speeches were followed by the Table-Topics with the master for Table-Topics being Ferhat. The theme of the Table-Topics was “migration”. The topics were quite challenging and thought provoking. Helen was asked what would she do if she had to relocate to Shanghai. Roswitha was asked to imagine her dream destination. David was asked where does one find ‘best friends’, abroad or in ones own home country. Pradyumna was asked how he met people and made friends in Switzerland. Catalina was asked what does she prefer, either staying in one place or traveling to explore new frontiers.

 Later we had evaluations for the prepared speeches. Roswitha did a great job (as usual) on her evaluation for Cathriona’s ice breaker speech. David gave a concise and precise evaluation to the speech of Mario, effectively using the sandwich technique.

 The meeting ended with the reports from the timer, ah-counter, grammarian and the general evaluator.

 Looking forward to see you all at the next meeting!

 Best regards,


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