Meeting on 3.2.2014

“The Birthday Meeting”

Another evening of fun and learning has gone by. Roswitha as the toastmaster of the evening forgot to ask somebody to write the recap – therefore she has done it herself. Geraldine came back as a guest and took the role of the ah-counter. She also participated in the table topics, and we are all looking forward to welcoming her as member.

There were three speeches of high quality: Gustavo – unfortunately giving his last speech in Neuchâtel – taught us, how to write “I love you” to our significant others in a NERD way. Although his graphs did not meet the expectations of his scientist evaluator, Pradyumna, we had fun listening and nobody will forget their tasks on the 14th February. Pradyumna’s evaluation was based on the assignments of project 6 (vocal variety) which was clear and helpful.

David presented another version of the “Lakeshore Speakers’ Presentation” which we can give in companies. He spoke about his personal experiences and talked in a casual way which made it interesting to listen to. The speech has improved a lot, and Ferhat pointed out the strengths and weaknesses from a non-toastmasters’ point of view.

Mie chose a speech from the special-occasion-speeches-manual: the roast. She roasted Helene and pointed out some things we did not (or did not REALLY) know about her. As the 3rd February is both Mario’s and Helene’s birthday there were also small presents for the two of them. Of course, we all sang “happy birthday”! Mario, as Mie’s evaluator, reminded us of the structure which Mie had chosen for her speech and showed how well this structure fits for a roast.

Marisa cancelled her participation on short notice, so it seemed for some moments that we did not have a table topics master. But then Gustavo jumped in and gave us some questions from his thesis. We had to answer tricky questions about brands, and everyone replied in a wise and creative way.

The meeting ended with the reports, discussions, laughter.

Have a good time, and see you on the 17th,


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