Meeting on 3.3.2014

We used a different approach to our meeting last Monday. We kept it fast, action oriented and participative. The apéro was pushed to the very end of the meeting.

Helene opened the meeting as usual and then continued as the TME. After the initial introductions of all the role takers it was Roswitha’s turn to present her prepared speech.

She spoke about how to better manage the meetings and how could Easy-Speak be used. She pointed out several aspects where the meeting management could be enhanced. The speech was tailored for the Bern Toastmasters to help them improve their members’ awareness about the challenging task of meeting management that the VPE faces every week.

As Roswitha was the only one with a prepared speech we made a “round robin” evaluation so everyone could give her direct feedback. Many interesting aspects were revealed and I believe we all learnt something new from this experience.

Thereafter, Pradyumna took over as the Table Topics Master and had everyone participate.

Anna told us about whether common sense or intelligence came first or vice versa. David would rather live in the future than in the past for a week. Leopoldo gave us a good excuse to use to avoid a speeding ticket. Roswitha shared what trouble she got herself in when young. Marisa would like to attend the 1936 Olympics. Helene has some really bad habits to brake and Mario definitely will not jump out of an airplane with a parachute.

Once we had challenged our way through table topics it was time for the reports which were done fast and to the point. Leopoldo took the ah-counter role and did this with superb efficiency.

We also included two testimonials from Marisa and Mario. Both told us how Toastmasters have helped them get over nervousness and how they have become much more confident speakers in front of a group. Marisa explained how she had had to present her department to a group of new employees and Mario told us about how he had to stand up and deliver an impromptu presentation on equipment in front of high level scientists.

The meeting closed and we all joined the apéro for further socializing.

The next meeting is on the 17th March and I look forward to seeing you then.


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