Meeting on 5.5.2014

When we met many roles were not taken yet, and members volunteered to do that “work”: Mario had prepared some table topics, Pradyumna took over as the timekeeper, Bhavik counted ahs and umhs, and Riccardo who unexpectedly turned up with a new hair cut acted as the grammarian.

David was our toastmaster of the evening and guided us smoothly through a short meeting.

The one and only speaker of this meeting was Catriona who already gave her second speech. Supported by a wonderful prezi-presentation she showed us her strategies of loosening up, and how she benefited by doing so. Helene, as her evaluator, pointed out that Cait already has a lot of skills including her big smile, the contact with the audience and the structure of the speech. However, she might give her voice a rest more often.

Mario challenged us with table topics. Some people had to explain what they would show visitors in their home towns or in the place they currently live. Others had to talk about embarrassing situations. Every member participated in the table topics which was really nice.

All the reports were excellent. Attentive listening seems to be a skill of this club.

Helene asked to request speeches via EasySpeak in order to make sure that we’ll have at least two speeches at every meeting. Several members agreed to do so.

The break took place at the end of the meeting with discussions and laughter.

The next meeting will be on Monday 19 May. I look forward to meeting you all.


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