Recap 16th June 2014

Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

We had another great meeting yesterday.

Helene was the Toastmaster. Before the start of the meeting she gave an unofficial practice speech in German to Roswitha who was coaching her. Helene plans to give her first German speech to the Rhetoric club in Bern on the 30th June 2014.

Catalina gave her Ice-breaker, which was both personal and inspirational. She was very good in her first speech!

Roswitha read a John Irving short story. With creative and colourful pictures she described the scene and then read a few sections of the story.

Riccardo gave constructive and helpful feedback to Catalina and complimented her especially how well she had mastered her emotions.

Mario was witty and constructive with his feedback to Roswitha.

During table topics we made up a story amongst ourselves. I started the story of a character walking through the marketplace in Neuchâtel, Catalina took up the thread going through all the vegetable and fruit stands, Riccardo compared prices at the market, Mario said the character did not want any fruit or vegetables and was on the way to get a tattoo, and Roswitha explained the character wanted a horse tattoo on her ankle …. and so it went………. It was challenging and fun for everyone.

We ended the evening as usual with wine and snacks.

Catalina accepted to take over the role as Treasurer in this next year.

I look forward to seeing many of you on the 7th July when Bhavic will give his Ice Breaker, Gustavo will return to give a speech and tell us about his experience in Germany.


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