Recap 7th July 2014

In our last meeting on the 7th July we had many learning opportunities.

Our Toastmaster of the Evening, David, showed us how to lead a meeting and excel in time management. He kept the meeting with fluency and efficiency. He made brief, crisp and clear introduction and made the meeting easy-going.

Our speakers, Mario and Gustavo, developed two critical skills in public speaking. Mario showed us how body language can help the audience understand a topic. He took us on a roller coaster ride to educate us in how tiny bubbles react under pressure and how this phenomenon, called cavitation, is important in his line of business.

Gustavo focused on working with visual aids and how best introduce them to the audience. He gave a thought provoking speech about the effects marketing has on us.

Our Table Topics Master, Catalina, made us talk about the subject of happy. What is the recipe for happiness, can we evolve without making mistakes? Do we need an entourage to support our happiness, do rules make us happy or unhappy?
Everyone, including our guest Andreea (well done!) participated and had something to contribute.

Riccardo and Roswitha focused their evaluation on the speech projects’ goals and objectives. They provided good constructive feedback that helps both the speakers and the audience to improve our future presentations.

During the reports, Mie pointed out that the timer needs excellent listening skills and focus. She recommended that the timer roles should be practiced regularly by everyone.

Our new Area Governor, Matthias Uffer came for a visit and took the role as Ah-counter. He paid attention to different categories of useless words and noises we make while speaking and gave us some ideas on how to improve.

The grammarian, Cathriona, made us all feel good by complementing us on our level of English.

All in all the evening provided learning opportunities such as meeting facilitator, time management, listening skills, paying attention to details, make use of your voice and use your body to make your message clear, prepare clear visual aids and catch and hold your audience’s attention.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday 21st July! / Helene

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