Meeting Recap 18 August 2014

Fellow Toastmasters & Guests,

Our Monday meeting was a full schedule with 3 speeches and a full round of Table Topics.

Our first speaker Andreea gave her first speech entitled “It’s all in how you frame it”. She used the opportunity to work on this speech that she would like to have for a professional meeting. Andreea gave us insight on how a message or directive is perceived in greatly different ways by a different audience. She had good energy and a well-organized speech. We expect she will rapidly become a great Toastmaster.

In tackling the 3rd speech from the Public Relations manual Helene prepared a speech to inspire potential Toastmasters. She gave compelling reasons to join Toastmasters and spoke about why it’s important to have presentation and public speaking skill.

Roswitha gave a Sell a Product speech (Specialty Speeches – 3) titled “SIZE success – your success”. She spoke about a customized service that can help everyone understand their dominant traits and how to use your personal traits to succeed in any endeavor. She is now offering this service as part of her business and took the opportunity to polish her pitch.

In this meeting we changed the evaluation process and asked all evaluators to exit the room for 5 minutes to focus on their evaluations. This is similar to the time allowed in Toastmasters competitions. David who evaluated Andreea said it was good for him to have the short but focused time to complete his evaluation. Catalina who evaluated Roswitha and Cathriona who evaluated Helene gave their first evaluations and both were very good. They had well organized thoughts and gave positive feedback.

Mario led Table Topics and choose to ask about Art, a subject he knows little about. Catalina was asked to speak about a painting from the Romanticism period and she gave a short lesson in art periods. That was helpful because Mario selected art from six major periods. Cathriona was second and gave here impressions about a painting from the Realism period. She gave a very insightful opinion about the style and subject. David was asked about an Impressionism painting and he explained his method for speed visits to museums. Andreea then gave her thoughts about a Post-Impressionism painting and explained how the subject reminded her of Lake Neuchatel. Helene was given a choice between a Sybolism or Abstract painting and she spoke about how the Sybolism related to her. Finally Roswitha was asked to speak about a black painting from Goya and she told us that it was very similar to a statue in Bern.

David was an excellent Timer and Mario was the Ah counter.

Thanks to all for making a fun, positive, and supportive meeting.

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