Recap 1 September 2014

Fellow Toastmasters,

We had another great meeting last Monday 1 September. We had 2 canceled speeches so we adjusted our schedule to highlight a speech by Mie and then we took the opportunity to have an open Club Building session.

We were excited to have three great guests attend the meeting. Kathrin is a former Toastmaster now working at Baxter Neuchatel and she is planning to reengage. Our second guest was Ingrid who is a member from the Bern club and she may wish to join us in Neuchatel. The third guest, Rena, is working with Bhavik.

Mie gave an interesting speech titled … “and then the Heuer family lost the company”. This was a speech from the Specialty Speeches Advanced Workbook and the project was called Read Out Loud. Mie read aloud some sections from a book about the family run Heuer watch company and how it was lost in a financially difficult time. There was a lot of back stabbing and intrigue in that story.

As we did in the last meeting the evaluator Helene left the room for 5 minutes to focus on the evaluation. She had the same impression that David had at the previous meeting, it gives the evaluator a short but focused and quiet time to complete the evaluation.

While Helene was out we started the Table Topics lead by Bhavik. His theme was the Ice Bucket Challenge and some of us learned that this odd challenge is intended to help raising money for the ALS Association, to research the motor neuron disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Every one participated.

Helene gave her positive and constructive evaluation of Mie’s speech.

We then had a Club Building session. Mario and Helene described their efforts to make a trial invite video down by the lake. It was a good video that we intended to show the group but Mario managed to delete it the week before. Helene had to improvise and explain the basic short message to the group. We discussed if we should have an audio file and picture or a video of this short speech on the webpage. All agreed that a video would be best. We will try a second time to make the video and show it at our next meeting. Cathriona showed us a poster she made to help attract possible members when posted on a bulletin board. Everyone liked it and she’s working to polish it a bit and we will print 15 copies for us to use as a start. We also talked about a Facebook page and an Internations exposure. Everyone participated and gave fabulous feedback.

Cathriona was a very good Timer, our guest Kathrin made an excellent Ah Counter, and our other guest Ingrid gave a very interesting Grammarian report including notable phrases used during the meeting.

Thanks again to all for a fun, positive, and supportive meeting.

I look forward to seeing all of you Monday 15 September. Please sign in to EasySpeak on


VP Education

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