Recap 17th November 2014

The Lakeshore Speakers meeting of November 17th, 2014 was temporarily transformed into the first General Assembly of the Association of the Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel. After having struggled with difficult payment procedures it was decided to set up an Association. Thus the first General Assembly was held during which the Association of the Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel was founded. The President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer and a sufficient number of members were present to sign the necessary papers. This procedure will have to be repeated at the yearly General Assembly. It is thanks to Catalina that the legal back ground and all the paper work has been swiftly handled. Catalina is also our present Treasurer. Many thanks to you Catalina.

The next General Assembly will be announced well in advance next spring and will be held in due form.

This was the very last meeting Mie attended before she returns to Denmark. Mie has substantially contributed to the Bern Toastmaster Club and Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel. We will miss her shining and warm personality. We all wish her a good start and all the best for the future.

Acting as the Toastmaster of the evening, Cathriona smoothly led us through the meeting. Attentive to fill in short comings here and there, she elegantly mastered this first time job.

Three prepared speeches were on the program. Catalina presented her second speech of the Competent Communication Manual. Being in involved in the foundation of the Association of the Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel, she explained in detail the legal back ground of such a foundation. For the sixth project of the Competent Communication Manual, Mario took us on a trip through South America. Although well planned, this trip bore some unexpected complications that led him to unknown horizons. In the High Performance Leadership Program, Mie shared her learning experience of her organization of the Division Contest held in Bern earlier this month. Somewhat tired out and quite a perfectionist, she proved to be a great leader. She not only managed to perfectly run the contest, she also rescheduled the competition in the afternoon and published guidelines for future organizers. Many thanks to you Mie for this colossal work load you took upon you!

The Tabletopics Master, Helene, had the ingenious idea to ask Members to present specialties of their home country. David recommended a music festival in Prag during the spring season. Andreea recommended to go and see a sculpture in Bukarest set up in memory of the young people who died in the 1980s having defended democracy. Cathriona suggested to bring something sweet for tea, wine for dinner and a digestif because the Irish are a very welcoming people. Kathrin didn’t see any dangerous faux pas that a visitor to Germany should avoid since the Germans proved to be very open minded during the Football Worldcup in 2006. Ingrid couldn’t choose from the many specialties Switzerland has to offer and decided that it definitely needs to be discussed with the person in question.

After having heard the different evaluators and the other reports, the meeting was closed and followed by the short get together with food and wine. Thank you!


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