Recap 20th April 2015

Last night’s meeting was AWESOME!

We were off to a great start even before the meeting because everyone had announced their participation in advance! Also our three guests were announced ahead of time. This allowed for proper preparation in terms of printed agendas and available evaluation slips. Not to mention enough food and drinks to cater to the team during our traditional apéro.

Most roles were already distributed and just a few last minute changes were needed. With 15 participants it was a full and fun schedule!

The club President must say that she is very pleased with this improvement.

Helene was the TME (Toastmaster of the Evening) and had a full agenda to master. We had three prepared speeches and one educational session.

Ingrid working from the Persuasive Speaking manual educated us on selling techniques and persuasively sold an expensive personal development course to Romain. Andreea made her 4th speech “How to Say It” and told us stories about bees. She explained the importance of these tiny creatures to the world. Kathrin gave her 6th speech “Vocal Variety” and developed the subject of procrastination with examples of well-known achievers but surprisingly also procrastinators. Lastly, Helene gave an educational speech from the Better Speakers series about how to prepare for a speech delivery.

Cathriona, Mario and Alexis evaluated the speeches. With much analytical flair they all gave positive and encouraging feedback. The feedback for improvements was constructive and friendly.

Our Table Topics Master, Catalina took us to the world of Amusement parks. We learned that Sam does not have a positive feel for Amusement Parks since a rather dire experience when he was young. David found more thrill in racing downhill on a bike that being in an Amusement Park. Tomoko just LOVES Amusement Parks. Our guest Caroline explained that if we keep our body and mind together we can control our adrenaline levels. Romain came up with reasons why we seek the adrenaline rush and Mario developed what fear means to him.

The meeting ended with detailed reports from the Timer Sam, Grammarian David and Ah-counter Romain. Tomoko made a very good effort at the General Evaluator roll for the first time. We were glad to hear that our three guests Suzy, Caroline and Adrian enjoyed the meeting and plan to come back. We look forward to seeing them soon.

We had a lively and fun apéro to finish the evening. Next meeting is on the 4th May, see you all then!

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