Recap Lakeshore speakers 4th May 2015

We had another amazing meeting yesterday. The energy in the room was vibrant and the thrill of expectations was palpable. What will happen tonight?

Roswitha was the Toastmaster of the Evening and as usual she made the meeting run smoothly from beginning to the end.

Alexis gave his ice-breaker, “Life is a fire”. What a speech! With confidence he delivered an interesting speech about how he sees his life.
“Just the thought of “running 10 km around the canton of Neuchâtel was told to us by Cathriona. She told us her struggles to overcome the thought of actually participating in the “tour de canton”, a running event that covers 6 events in 6 weeks.

Romain evaluated Alexis’ speech with flair. His positive remarks and uplifting encouragements set a good standard for evaluations.
I hope I did justice to Cathriona as her evaluator, complimenting her on her gift of choosing interesting topics but also encouraging her to use her body language more to emphasize her story.

Then it was time for Table Topics……. The master of the evening was Kathrin and she had chosen “Movies” as her topic. One would think that this would be an easy one but were we all wrong!

How to explain the 30 second story with “the longest title”? Well, Romain did this brilliantly.
We also had to give a story based on the shortest movie title ever; I have no comments for this….

The meeting ended with the reports. Sam indicated that everyone had kept within the time-limits, Caroline gave us the ah’s, uhm’s and so’s. There were some good improvements from some of the participants and some that still need to improve. Suzy gave a detailed grammarian report. She had picked up on several phrases and comments that needed clarification from our native English speakers. Special thanks to our guests Caroline and Suzy for taking the roles and for your detailed, effective and to the point reports.

Ingrid finished off the evening as the general evaluator and complimented Roswitha as the toastmaster, commented on the very challenging table topics and also gave praise to our role-takers who all did an excellent job.

As usual the evening ended with the apéro.

Next meeting we have three speeches scheduled. To my delight we also have most roles filled. Romain has stepped up to be the Toastmaster and Alexis the Table Topics Master, both for the first time. We need another evaluator, timer, grammarian and ah-counter.

I look forward to seeing you all on the 18th of May.

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