Recap Lakeshore Speakers, meeting 18th May 2015

A week has gone by since our last meeting and I have had time to reflect over what happened.

It is such a pleasure to see that our club is growing and that we have new members coming aboard and guests visiting (Lucia and Doramys). We welcome our latest new member, Caroline.

Last Monday, Romain took the plunge to be the Toastmaster of the Evening for the first time since he joined. With efficiency he organized the meeting and the roles well ahead of the meeting day. He ran the meeting smoothly, friendly and with humour. He made us all feel at ease.

Our speakers of the evening were Sam and Tomoko. Both presented their ice-breakers. Congratulations to both for taking this first step.

We have known Sam for a while now and we know that he likes to talk. Many of us thought we already knew him. But his speech revealed a new side of Sam. Growing up in a creative and “artsy” family he was inspired by a friend to know why and how things work in the world. This led him down the path to become an engineer.

Tomoko reflected over how colour defines different people and cultures. She described herself being a blue person with a dash of green. Hopefully we will hear more about this interesting topic.

Our two evaluators, Roswitha and Ingrid gave encouraging feedback with just one piece of advice to improve. Good idea and well done.

Cathriona, the Table Topics Master, asked us to speak about food.

Our members shared stories about food they never will eat, to the most extraordinary meal they ever have had. Also whether they had eaten food they did not know what it was, and if they had known, would they have eaten it.

The reports were completed with precision. Our grammarian opened a discussion to clarify certain expressions. This allows us all to learn a word, or an expression and think about its’ meaning.

The General Evaluator, Mario, wrapped up the reports by complimenting the Toastmaster of the Evening for the efficient flow of the evening, his clear voice and good time management. The Table Topics Master did an excellent job to segway between the different speakers. A small comment about the timer role is for this person to sit in a place where the speakers easily can see him/her.

As usual the evening ended with the traditional apéro.

All in all it was a great meeting and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday 1st June.

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