Recap 1st June 2015

It is so interesting to see how the members of Lakeshore develop in their personal development and how they reach new heights of confidence.

Yesterday’s meeting was just proof of that.

With flair confidence and efficiency Romain took us through the evening as the Toastmaster.

Andreea and Catalina gave speeches that both taught us something and inspired us to take action. It was not only the subject and the speeches themselves that were interesting but it is gratifying to see how both Andreea and Catalina have grown in their speech delivery ability and confidence. Well done both of you.

We also had a very interesting, however a bit overtime, tutorial on Easy-Speak. Despite its’ name, Easy-Speak always puts us up for challenges, or opportunities depends on how you see things. Hopefully, some of the information was useful and can be put into practice by every member in the future. There are some hick-ups with some user profiles and the “webmaster and Easy-Speak expert” will do her best to sort this out.

Helene and Mario were the evaluators and had an easy time to praise the speakers for their good performance and were more challenged to provide constructive feedback.

Alexis table topics were around story-telling and stories. Well thought through introductions set us up for interesting topics to develop. We learnt that Andreea has a secret wish to be Mr Eiffel and build fantastic constructions. Helene shared what she believed is a strong personality. Mario is looking for some strong music to accompany his super-hero role. Roswitha decided she did not want to change identity with Romain and is quite happy to be Roswitha. Catalina likes to live anonymously and was not really up to convince an imaginary producer to take her on for his next film. Sam created a dessert that we all have to try out. It involves chocolate chips cookies and whipped cream, delicious. Ingrid’s weapon to convince the imaginary producer not to choose her for the film would be to give him some of her mother’s brownies…. Tomoko would take a more communicative approach and tell him to find someone else that is more suitable. Caroline convinced us that by being a plotting, gossiping and extremely beautiful person she could be the villain in the movie. Finally Romain ended the story with as being the Tramp he would be the one who got the “Supergirl” or Lady at the end. Great imagination from everyone and Alexis did an outstanding job to keep the story together.

To finalize the evening we received the reports; the timer said we were overtime in general, Doramys gave us some phrases to think about that could have been said in an easier way, Tomoko gave us praise for not including many ah’s at all during the evening. Roswitha, the General Evaluator, also commented that this was the longest meeting in Neuchâtel’s history.

Romain concluded his role and Helene informed everyone that next meeting on the 15th June we will be in room 303. It is next door.

The evening ended with some fun discussion during the apéro.

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