Recap Lakeshore Speakers meeting 6th July 2015

We have reached an amazing level of consistency where our meetings are ambitious, inspiring and promote learning.

Our General Evaluator, Andreea, had put together a team of responsible and prepared role-takers. Caroline, the Grammarian, decided to expand our English knowledge and introduced a word of the day to use during the evening. “Poorly”. Well, our meeting was definitely not poorly handled.

Roswitha, the TME kept the meeting running. Helene and Mario gave encouraging feedback on what was good with the speeches and how to make them better. Lucia timed us with Swiss precision, Tomoko pointed out our filler words, Caroline was happy every time we could use “poorly”, which was a challenge, and Andreea gave in the end a complete analysis of the meeting as the General Evaluator.

Both speeches were amazing. Sam taught us that by breaking down tasks to small steps and making a system to follow; even laundry could be done quickly and with little effort. Alexis told us that by learning to play music it can help improve another skill that we might have difficulty with. Both speakers were well organized and prepared. It was their second speech each and they spoke with confidence and ease.

The highlight of the evening was the Table Topics prepared and hosted by Romain. “Holidays” was the theme. We learnt that Kathrin dislikes being on the beach. Catalina has a goal to get her boat driving license. Tomoko explained that ice-cream can come in all kinds of flavours and suggested we try sweet potatoe ice cream. Caroline is not a successful surfer but is looking forward to take up swimming. Mario told us when he put lighter fluid on the BBQ and almost started a forest fire. Doramys will never go on a cruise even though this is her family’s favourite past-time. Alberto, our guest, wants to travel the world and finds Bahamas a good place to start from. Romain concluded his table topics by wishing us all happy summer vacations.

After a refreshing apéro we all parted and stepped out into the tropical summer evening.

Next meeting is on the 20th July.

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