Recap Lakeshore Speakers 20th July 2015

The “Blank Page Syndrome” was the title of Alexis’ speech last night.

Today when I sat down to write the recap, the extremely warm weather took over my inspiration and I drew a complete blank. How to start this recap?

I took Alexis’ advice and went for a short walk, so here we go…..

Although traffic delayed my arrival everyone was ready and we could start the meeting once I stepped inside. Mario was the TME and moved the meeting fluently forward with efficiency.

Our three speakers, Caroline, Andreea and Alexis gave inspirational, educational and fascinating speeches. Respectively we learned what emotions are, how travel can both be good and bad for us and how to deal with the blank page syndrome. All speakers were well prepared and had provided descriptive introductions of their speeches to the TME.

Kathrin gave very supportive feedback to Caroline including the best way to handle slides by the “show and tell” method. Show briefly then turn to the audience and tell, something we should all remember. Catalina gave very supportive evaluation to Alexis and I did my best to help Andreea improve her vocal variety.

Sam took us on a journey about news. We discussed whether Switzerland should implement a compulsory siesta time, whether we like to eat insects, should cow bells be outlawed, and if we should give more appetizing flavors to vegetables. Also that tax money can be spent on important projects, young male fighting with swords is a tradition that must be stopped and whatever you do to get rid of your school it will always be there.

Alberto, our Ah-counter and second time guest, gave an excellent observation about unwanted noises we make while speaking. Catalina, our Time-keeper, reported on our times but also taught us about the risk of multi-tasking.

As the General evaluator, I complemented everyone on another great meeting with enthusiastic and prepared members. Our guests, Cecilia and Gabriel thought that the meeting was interesting with many learning opportunities.

As always, the evening ended with some refreshments and funny stories.

See you on the 6th August!


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