Recap Lakeshore Speakers meeting 3 August 2015

In last night’s meeting Romain informed us that 4 key principles of great leadership are Friendliness, Transparency, Recognition and Empowerment.  Mario showed us two specific hand-gestures we all use repetively, the home-base position and the parallel position. He cleverly used pictures of us and it was a good exercise in self-awareness.

Kathrin wanted to learn about how to manage different cultures in both work and life situations. As we are a good mix of different nationalities we could tell her how to better understand our different cultures. For instance, the challenge to be Swiss in an international company where you may be in minority, and the differences between Swiss and French, how Americans may handle big gatherings better that the Swiss, how to manage conflict between the different cultures, how food varies in the different cultures and people deal with queues in different ways.

Cathriona took us through the evening in her friendly and confident manner. Alexis and Helene gave feedback about slowing down your speech and how to use different colours to point out important and less important information when using slides.

The word of the day was “thorough” and introduced by Lucia. Lucia also gave a detailed summary of expressions that were good and also pointed out where improvements in our grammar can be made. Well done, Lucia, for helping us improve.

Riccardo Ravera, a past member came to visit and he was the ah-counter. Thank you for helping us with our meeting and we would love to see you back soon.

Roswitha gave a precise and quick timer-report.

The Lausanne contest is on the 6th October and those of you that would like to compete in the Humorous Speech contest and/or the Table Topics contest, in English and/or in French, please let Helene know as soon as possible.

We would like to make a pre-training contest meeting. Helene suggests the 14th September. Tell Helene if you are interested as soon as possible.

Also, we would like to organize that as a group we participate in one of the next meetings in Lausanne. Their meetings are on the Tuesday after ours. Helene will send a Doodle to suggest some dates.

Moreover, Helene introduced the upcoming AWE-Summit in Zürich, 31st October 2015. The AWE-Summit stands for Assertive Women Entrepreneurs. If you are interested to know more and attend please visit the website

See you on the 17th August

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