Recap Lakeshore Speakers Meeting 17th August 2015

“This was one of the best meetings we ever have had”, exclaimed our General Evaluator, Roswitha. Mario commented on his role by saying “I felt so comfortable and at ease with my role as TME although it was impromptu and I had had no time to prepare.”

It is true that we had an amazing meeting yesterday. We had three extra-ordinary speeches that were well crafted, imaginary and well prepared to suit the audience. A special BRAVO goes to Lucia for presenting her creative Ice-breaker.

The clock of the 1 minute evaluation pause had almost not stopped ringing when the Evaluators took us all by surprise with their “quick to action” mentality and presented encouraging and positive feedback with a side dish of well-formulated improvements to the speakers.

Yesterday was the first day of school in Neuchâtel and Mario as the Table Topics Master brought us back to our first day of school. Romain managed to stay overactive throughout his first day in school, Caroline admitted that she did not take any pictures of her children’s’ first day at school, David had a great first teacher who made the transition easy from kindergarten to school and Roswitha just loved to be in school to learn but spoke about an embarrassing moment in school.

Reports were easy-going and full of laughter. It’s amazing that our members can present a normally “dry” report as the ah-counter, grammarian and timer with some spice, laughter and teasing. Wonderful

The evening ended as usual with some small talk around the apéro table.

See you on the 7th September!

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