Recap meeting 7th September


The highlight of yesterday’s meeting was that we had four speakers. Our group is now big enough to accommodate 4 speakers more regularly.

This is a great opportunity for all of us to advance in our communication skills as speakers and as evaluators!

Helene was the Toastmaster for the evening guiding us through an efficient and timely meeting.

Alexis started the prepared speech section with thought-provoking ideas about rain. Romain gave great tips about how to prepare a successful farewell speech. Tomoko inspired us to have fun, freedom and fulfillment. Helene donned a costume to appear like a Swiss farmer straight from the field and defended the culture, values and traditions of Swiss cow-bells.

Our evaluators, Roswitha, Lucia, Sam and Kathrin gave constructive, encouraging and valuable feedback.

Roswitha continued the evening with Table Topics around the subject of love and relationships. Most responses were quite personal and will not be repeated here. If you missed the meeting, you missed out!

We had a new guest, Chistophe, who is a former TM from Basel and is now living in Bienne. He participated in the Table Topics with a very funny story. Christophe says he will join our club so we look forward to seeing him on a regular basis.

The reporting team included Doramys who gave a summary of our timing, Catalina as grammarian that gave very good advice, and Mario as the General Evaluator.

We had a lot of laughs and good fun in this meeting.

Due to a holiday in two weeks we have rescheduled our next meeting for this next Monday 14 September.

See you!

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