Recap meeting 14th September 2015


At our last meeting Andreea gave thought provoking information about how much sugar we really need and how much do we really consume. Caroline made a manifest of this time and made a point that all was not better before. The world is constantly rejuvenating itself but the humans don’t follow and deteriorate instead. Ingrid persuaded us to get our elevator speech ready so we can be prepared for any unexpected change in our life and ready to grab opportunity’s hand when reached out to us. Alexis presented his contest speech about masks we can use in different life situations. The club contest in EPFL is on the 6th October so Alexis still has plenty of time to prepare a winning speech!

Romain was the Toastmaster of the evening and with confidence and efficiency he conducted the meeting smoothly.

The evaluators, Sam, Mario and Helene were cheerful, positively constructive and helpful. In a round robin fashion we all gave feedback to Alexis about what was good and what he should focus on improving before the contest.

Lucia’s table topics were about Start-up companies. She had prepared 5 scenarios which Mario, Helene, Sam, Doramys and Tomoko presented. It was an array of scenarios from getting the board’s blessing, to ask for additional funding, to change the sales team, to lay-off people and finally praise the employees’ efforts. The scenarios were well set up and there were a lot of laughter during the presentations.

Tomoko and Doramys respectively were timer and grammarian for the first time. There reports were precise and clear. Well done!

We discussed whether to increase the meetings to weekly. On the positive side it could give some more momentum, a weekly routine and we would all progress quicker. On the other hand it is a commitment we all should consider. We can discuss further if MicroCity allows us to use the room weekly.

The evening ended around the apéro table where more animated discussions were held.

See you in 3 weeks on the 5th October.

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