Recap 5th October meeting


Fast and efficient are the two words that come to mind when reflecting on last night’s meeting.
First of all we had a full house with most roles filled ahead of the meeting. We quickly filled the outstanding roles before start.
Our Toastmaster of the evening, Catalina, drove the meeting schedule efficiently. After a brief presentation of all the role-takers she handed over to the grammarian, Ingrid. Ingrid presented the word of the day, Paradox, which was used at numerous occasions during the evening.
Catalina then swiftly introduced the speakers.
Lucia observed that “sitting is the new smoking”. Most of us spend too much time sitting which is unhealthy for our bodies and we should pay more attention to this and make conscious decisions to move more daily.
Andreea took us on an insider trip to Romania. We first learned a few handy words of the language, and then we learned about the nature, culture, food that are special and should not be missed.
The evaluators were quickly in place to give their feedback. Mario and Roswitha both gave encouraging and uplifting feedback with some good tips for improvement.
Caroline took over the scene and challenged us all to tell our deepest childhood secrets and memories. We heard about best friends, invented games, after-school activities, when one was a “bad” child and its consequences and our dreams for the future. The table topics were well handled by all the speakers, Ingrid, David, our guest Jürgen, Sam and Alexis.
Then it was time for the reports. The timer, Helene, commented on how quick the meeting flew. Both the grammarian, Ingrid, and the ah-counter, Alexis, gave observant and detailed reports. The general evaluator, Jürgen, felt that we had a good and friendly atmosphere and complimented Catalina on her easy-going and friendly attitude as the TME. Also Caroline got credit for well segued interaction between the table topics speakers.
Helene confirmed that we will continue our meetings bi-weekly and include a meeting when there is a 5th Monday in a month.
Our two guests, Gizem and Jürgen enjoyed the meeting and we look forward to seeing them again.
The evening ended as usual around the apéro with casual talks.
See you all on the 19th October!

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