Recap 19th October 2015



Last Monday was another amazing, high-energy, inspirational, creative and fun meeting.

Catalina was an outgoing, energetic and confident Toastmaster of the Evening. She handled the meeting with ease and flair. This was her second TME role in a row and one can see that there is always a huge improvement from the initial meeting to the second. I have experienced this myself as have other members. It is highly recommended to take the same role twice in a row; you’ll see how much easier it becomes the second time.

We had two speakers, Christophe and Jürgen. Christophe took us on his personal journey and inspired us to do what we are passionate about in life so we wake up in the morning with a smile. He taught us the Japanese word Ikigai which means “I woke up this morning”.

Jürgen spoke with passion, special effects and great vocal variety about how robots can and will change our life and how they are “Just like us”.

Our two evaluators, Cathriona and Kathrin were supportive and came with excellent and clear suggestions for improvements. They were very personable, friendly and encouraging. Well done, Ladies.

Caroline had also decided to take on the same role for the second time in a row and Wow! Had she prepared for “Monday Night’s Talkshow on the Red Carpet! From the outfit to the hot red lips she hosted a Night’s show that would make CNBC green with envy if they knew. Her guests-list was amazing. We met the movie-star Samuel, the Opera-diva Roswitha, the Green environmentalist and philanthropist Lucia, the new Husain Bolt Alexis and the hot reality show star Doramys! As you can imagine it was a lot of laughter and everyone “played” their role absolute fabulously.

In the end the timer, Roswitha, reported on our efficient time-management. The grammarian, Doramys, pointed out a few new words learned and the ah-counter, Lucia complimented all for our limited use on filler words. The final report came from the general evaluator, Mario who gave praise and encouragement to all the role-takers.

More fun talk continued during the apéro!

See you on the 2nd November.

Keep up the energy and BE BRILLIANT!

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