Recap 2nd November


Roswitha took the lead and stepped into the role as the Toastmaster of the Evening. With skillful efficiency and organization she took us through the meeting.

Helene started off the prepared speech section. She gave a technical presentation from a recent research project involving chocolate that she and her company have just completed. Cathriona enlightened us about  a life without schampoo to achieve luscious locks. Although it is hard to beat the nice fresh smell of soap. I must also mention that Cathriona is developing smart speaking skills with a significant reduction of uhm’s and ah’s. Well done!

Mario persuaded us to take care of our health because so many illnesses result from the fact that we don’t eat well nor exercise enough.

Our evaluators did an amazing job. I speak for myself, while I may not have done my utmost in my presentation, Ingrid, my evaluator could find positive and encouraging aspects on my speaking skills that I will build on further. I got clear suggestions for improvements that I totally agree with. Thank you Ingrid and also all members for your valuable feedback. Kathrin showed fabulous enthusiasm while evaluating Cathriona and in my opinion also showed clear suggestions for improving vocal variety. Lucia gave clear feedback to Mario and her suggestions will help him become even better.

Jürgen , as the Table Topics Master, made us write down the worst job imaginable and then put the note in a box. Each speaker then drew a note and had to convince the group that this was her/his DREAM JOB! One is surprised to know that such jobs as secretary, dish-washer, nurse, textile worker in Bangladesh, Wall Street trader,accountant, conveyor belt operator and waste manager are hidden dream jobs.

Finally, Catalina encouraged the evaluators to better master their time allowed. Jürgen pointed out some phrases and words of interest and Mario gave a short and sweet ah-counter report.

Roswitha ended the meeting, Helene closed it and we continued to the apéro……

Keep the energy up and BE BRILLIANT

See you on the 16th November!


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