Recap 16th November 2015


We had another ambitious meeting last Monday.
Ingrid took the lead as the Toastmaster of the Evening. Clearly and efficiently she presented the agenda for the evening, the role-takers and enlightened us on the word of the day which was “Unprecedented” (the word not her actions).
The first speaker out was Sam. Vexillography was the title and it is the science about flags. The New Zealand flag is “under construction” and through a structured speech, Sam told us about the importance of including originality, symbols and simplicity into a new national flag.
Andreea followed with a deep and passionate speech about the choices we have in life. In an excellently delivered speech she expressed that we are human by nature but we can be humane by choice.
Finally, Doramys told “her story so far”. Her Ice-breaker took us from her native Cuba, to Switzerland, Australia and back to Switzerland. How she always has been interested in science and now does work in an area she knows will do good in the world.
The bell for the one-minute evaluation had hardly rung when Jürgen jumped out of his seat to give a positive and constructive feedback to Sam. Some improvements that can be mentioned were use of hand-gestures and the stage. Alexis’ analytical traits provided sincere and touchy feedback to Andreea. Tomoko, as a first time evaluator found good encouraging feedback to Doramys.
Mario challenged us with questions from former District Table Topics contest questions. Kathrin informed us that sugar comes from the devil, French comedy and everyday situations make Helene laugh, Ingrid would make a new flag to change history, Lucia would take her boyfriend, vegetables and music to her one-year retreat on Mars, our guest Prem explained you should not judge the book by its cover, Roswitha remembered the day when….., Alexis took us by surprise and told a story about stress-tests in the laboratory and finally Jürgen thinks that more technology means more communication.
This week’s time-management were fairly consistent from previous weeks, we all need to improve! Lucia complemented those that had used the word of the day and Kathrin had a full-fledged Ah-counters report, to our surprise we all had too many filler-words during the evening. Helene, as General Evaluator requested that the speakers stay and enjoy their applause before leaving the stage.
The evening ended with the traditional apéro and fun talks.
See you on the 30th November!
Keep up the energy and BE BRILLIANT!

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