Recap 30th November


Meeting 30thNov_b

Today’s recap will be short and cover just the highlights of the evening.
Of course, all members and guests that participated in the meeting gave as usual an outstanding performance.
Here are my highlights; the first one was Tomoko’s delivery. With extra-ordinary confidence she stood grounded on stage, presenting her speech with fluency. The improvement she has managed to achieve from her Ice-breaker and 2nd speech is HUGE. Well done Tomoko and keep it up. I anticipate with excitement to see where you will lead us.
Kathrin presented 4 steps on how to improve our lives. She was so persuasive that 80 % of the audience will set intentions for 2016 to follow her steps.
The second highlight was Andreea’s creative and well thought-through table topics. She gave the same question to everyone, “If I had a penny for everytime I did…. Followed with a personal story”. She used coins that were from different years and when picked we must present a personal story from this year. We all have stories to tell and the year triggered some fascinating presentations.
Doramys was also a highlight. She was Toastmaster of the evening for the first time and this can be somewhat nerve-wracking when one has to hold the whole meeting together .But her easy-going personality made the meeting personal, warm and positive.
Our two guests, Suzanne and Raoul fitted well with the group. They both participated with joy and ease in the table topics and we hope to see them both again.
Next meeting is on Monday 7th December and it will be special! I hope to see you there.
In the meantime,
Keep the energy up and BE BRILLIANT!


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