Recap 7th December 2015


It was Kathrin’s day!
When Kathrin joined Lakeshore in September 2014 she was just in the beginning of her speaking journey. With some motivation and some healthy competition with other members she moved through her competent communicator manual with determination and focus. Last Monday she gave her 10th speech and we celebrated her well-deserved Competent Communicator milestone.
It has been very inspiring to listen to her speeches and we look forward to following her on her continued journey towards the next Toastmaster milestone.
We also had two more speakers; Doramys encouraged us to keep health and nutrition close in our minds to stay healthy and fit. Samuel gave 3 excellent steps how to write well. My favorite suggestion was to sleep on it.
Helene encouraged and motivated everyone to take a proactive role in their planning and preparation for next year’s Toastmasters. Every meeting is scheduled in Easy-Speak and it is open for everyone to request speeches and take roles as you wish.
Lucia, Tomoko and Andreea were outstanding in their evaluations. They were clear, structured, positive, encouraging and descriptive.
Alexis took us on a table topics journey that demanded a creative mind equal to Harry Potter’s author. Catalina set the stage and then it was the turn of our guests Carina, Margot, Raoul and Susanne. Caroline ended the session with a story from another life. Kudos to all the participants, you were all brilliant.
We are on a roll, on Monday we will have our 3rd meeting in a row!
Keep the energy up and BE BRILLIANT






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  1. We are rocking and rolling!

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