Recap 4th April 2016

Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,

Last night’s Lakershore Speakers’ meeting inspired me to take up my routine to create a recap. Since my last recap in early December, our club has grown in all kinds of directions.

I am pleased to say that we have a group of 19 members that participate regularly.

These members constantly show a willingness to stretch beyond their comfort zone. Some have stretched as far as to compete in Speech and Evaluation contests  against our parent club EPFL-UNIL Toastmasters.

We listen to speech topics that are spell-binding, clever and with much humor, passion and personality.

Our evaluators are quick on their feet to give their feedback almost at the moment the last speaker receives the audiences’ applauds and sits down. The “well-done” feedbacks are analytical, to the point, genuine and friendly. The “how to improve” feedbacks are positively encouraging and most often a clever suggestion is given that feels more like a compliment than an improvement.

We have had amazing table topics with topics that facilitated the participants’ creative thought process, so the answers have been extremely funny and the participants dared to have fun and show their personalities.

The meetings carry a quick pace and there is no time for feeling bored. I don’t know if this is due to our traditional apéro at the end of the evening. Nevertheless, the meetings are very efficient, productive and allow us all to learn and grow.

I am very proud to say that in Lakeshore Speakers, we have created a number of Competent Communicators. Also, I see Leaders developing and being made.

Keep up the good work and just as a reminder …. Our next meeting is on the 18th April.

By the way, a Lakeshore Speakers facebook page was created years ago. It has not been used much, but here is an opportunity for you to join and make it more interactive. Please copy the facebook link and join and we will see where it will take us.

Until next time……
Keep the energy up and BE BRILLIANT


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