Recap 18th April 2016

It is pretty amazing how Lakeshore Speakers goes from good to best at each subsequent meeting. Last night’s meeting was extraordinary.
Tomoko was the TME. It was her first time in this role. The start might have been a little rocky but with courage and boldness she guided us through the entire evening. Tomoko you did it! Well done!
We had outstanding speakers with captivating subjects and stories.
Doramys did a talk about immigrants and the importance and difference they make in Switzerland. Her project was vocal variety and she nailed it! Excellent volume, pace and pitch. She also had a wonderful vocabulary.
Caroline inspired us to declutter our life and homes. She was so inspiring, funny and personal that many of us just wanted to run home and redo our lives.
I, Helene, decided to be bold and courageous, step outside my comfort zone and give a speech on a very short notice. The topic was how to raise our standards and live life on the next level. One of the areas presented was just that, to be more bold and courageous.
Before the evaluators gave their feedback, our guest Caspar Horne, Division Director for our Division presented how Toastmasters organization works and his role in it.
The evaluators; Eliane Maalouf(visiting Area Director) gave a skilled and analytical feedback to Doramys. Rena, as a first-time evaluator, gave an enthusiastic, friendly and thorough feedback to Caroline. Ingrid told me just what I wanted to hear.
Table Topics Master, Lucia, wanted to know what the consequences of the UK potentially leaving Europe would have on the surrounding EU countries and what advice the US could give us on the subject. The participants, Kathrin, Mario, Ingrid, Alexis and Cathriona had very skillful answers. Lucia had a great introduction to set the “stage” and also transitioned beautifully from one participant to the next.
The reports were clear and to the point. Sam gave us a very useful lesson on how and when to use “that” or “which”.
We were delighted to see Max for the second time and cross our fingers that he will join us as a member.
As usual the evening ended with the traditional apéro including laughter and more stories.
Next meeting is on the 2nd May.
Until next time,
Be Ready, Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!

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