Recap 2nd May 2016


Fellow Toastmasters and Friends,
I have said many times how impressed I am with the amazing performance we experience from all our members but I would like to say it again.
The speakers, Ingrid, Kathrin and Catalina were all great. The role-takers did well and the Toastmaster, Doramys, kept the meeting sharp.
My thoughts today go to two members that stretched beyond their limits and were outstanding.

The first one is Lucia who was the General Evaluator.
The role as the General Evaluator is a rather complex role. It starts already before the meeting.
The GE is responsible to put together the entire leadership team, from evaluators, to timer, ah-counter and grammarian. In the beginning of the meeting the GE introduces the role-takers, explain what they do, how their roles are done and why we have the roles. During the meeting the GE observes her or his team and how they execute their tasks. In the end the GE will give both positive and constructive feedback on how the roles were carried out. He/she will also give feedback on how the Toastmaster and Table Topics Master carried out their roles. Included as well is everything else that might need mentioning in order to have an efficient meeting.
So far, Lakeshore Speakers have been short on members so we have not always had a General Evaluator. Moreover usually everyone signs up for a role on Easy-Speak once prompted by a friendly reminder email. This was the case last Monday as well.
Although Lucia had read in advance what her role entailed she had some questions in the beginning. I gave her some instruction what should be done and to my immense satisfaction she carried out the role very well. She introduced all the role-takers in the beginning and in the end she gave very comprehensive, positive and constructive feedback to everyone. It was absolutely brilliant!

The second member that took her role seriously was Cathriona as the Table Topics Master.
She had a specific objective in mind that she wanted to achieve with her table topics. She wants to create a book with hidden places or secrets of Switzerland where one can bring guests that come for a visit. In my personal experience this is always a headache when someone will come. What to do, and where to go?
Cathriona started with an introduction that set us all up for success. During the table topics she expertly transitioned between speakers. Her table topics were fun, interesting and educational. Now we have plenty of ideas where to take visitors and where we should not go.
We have had other table topics from all of you that also have been well prepared and they also result in great participation from the members. Keep it up!

Due to Pentecôte holidays on the 16th May our next meeting will be on the 23rd May.

Be ready, be courageous, be bold and BE BRILLIANT!







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