Recap 23rd May 2016


Last Monday was a fun evening with some exciting firsts…

Caroline had the opportunity to perform as Toastmaster for the first time! She was very good in keeping the meeting on time, made nice introductions and transitions between the various roles for the evening. To gain more experience she will repeat the role again in our next meeting.

A special CONGRATULATION to Margaux who gave her first speech the Ice Breaker! Margaux was very entertaining and had great fun with her speech. We look forward to her next.

Irma gave her second speech (Organize Your Speech) about how to stop procrastinating. I think everyone took home valuable information from this speech.

Alexis gave his 8th speech on getting comfortable with visual aids and talked about his experience in a workshop requiring a last minute speech.

Roswitha had the honor to evaluate Margaux and she provided excellent encouragement and advice. Sam evaluated Irma and made some good suggestions on how she can improve. Catalina evaluated Alexis and she also provide great advice.

Mario was Table Topics Master and we discussed cultural customs and unusual food topics.

The other roles were Doramys (Ah Counter and Grammarian), Carol Sunderland a guest (Timer), and Helene was the General Evaluator.

Our next meeting is tonight Monday 30 May. See you soon.


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