Recap 30 May 2016


We had a creative and innovative session last Monday. By coincidence each of our three speakers presented project number 5 in the competent communicator manual. Doramys and Sam took it to a completely new level and made a joint presentation. Through their presentation we learnt how to dance salsa. It was fun, innovative and stretched both of them outside their comfort zones. Lucia took us back to “normal” mode and did an excellent presentation about leadership. She questioned if “everyone is a leader” and developed a well-thought through conclusion.
The evaluators Alexis and Cathriona gave amazing feedback despite the added challenge of separating Sam’s and Doramy’s performance. This challenge was also acted on by our timer Max, who managed to quickly analyze the situation and recorded accurate time.

Besides my role as Lucia’s evaluator I also took the Table Topics Master role on a moment’s notice. Fortunately, I have 365 table topics prepared so it was easy to give each participant a challenging topic.
The reports were handled by our 3M’s; Max, Mario and Margaux. They all showed excellent listening and analytical skills.
The meeting was run by Caroline who was well prepared, told jokes at every moment she got, had great energy and owned the room. Well done!
Next week ,6th June, we will have a workshop in creative thinking. It will be facilitated by me and the goal is to set sails towards new horizons for Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel.

Until then; Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!

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