Recap 6 June 2016


550 7222 ……….?
No, it’s not a telephone number.
No, it’s not my bank account either.
It’s our new Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel official Toastmasters club number!
With the newly received gavel in my hand I opened the meeting last night.
The format was different as it was a workshop in creative thinking, a project from the Success Communication series. I facilitated the ”Boost Your Creativity” workshop and the theme was “from my club to Our club”. To be a real Toastmasters club requires some club structure and I wanted all the members to participate in the creation of the structure.

We had 3 amazing results emerging from the creative thinking of the group.
1. Through the first exercise words emerged representing the values that Lakeshore Speakers mean to us. The goal of having these words of value is to create a mission statement that we can lean on in the future. It will be the club officers responsibility to build the statement with regular input from all the members. It must be something we create together if it will stick and it must be in line with the Toastmasters International overall mission statement.
2. After the 2nd exercise we had volunteers for a number of the club officer roles. Several members volunteered and are committed to be part of the management team. The term starts 1st July 2016 and ends on 30 June 2017.
3. The 3rd exercise gave us an idea for a tool, a procedure checklist, for how to ensure that new members will be accurately registered. In my previous club experience there have been times where members were not correctly registered with TMI. We can now ensure that this will never happen in Lakeshore Speakers.
Other amazing news is that we received a membership application from Max Rydal who has decided to join us.
Thank you for your creativity, openness, participation, patience and good positive mood. I am proud to be part of such a brilliant group.

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Courageous, BE BRILLIANT





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