Recap 20th June 2016


Our last meeting for the season ended in Caroline’s garden. In a setting surrounded by a huge lawn, beautiful roses and a warm evening we met some new challenges when it comes to speaking in public.
Lucia was the TME and was well prepared and managed the meeting with poise and confidence.
Our three speakers were well prepared with inspiring stories, great gestures, showing confidence “on stage”. The challenge was projecting the voice with volume so everyone could hear. Being in an outdoor environment requires the speaker to dare to speak up louder, articulate better and make every tone carry to far corners. Alexis, Susanne and Tomoko did very well. We learned what Alexis PhD studies actually are all about and how Susan has started to receive postcards from all over the world though “Post-crossing”. Tomoko reflected whether Japanese children suffer more from having actual homework during the summer holidays unlike us Swedes who have 10 weeks off of complete leisure, sun and bath time. I must admit I miss my long careless summer holidays with total freedom.
Catalina, Doramys and Mario gave positive, constructive feedback.
We are in the middle of the excitement of Eurofoot 2016 and Kathrin took the opportunity to challenge us on our knowledge and enthusiasm for football. It became clear that in our group there are no football fanatics. The answers were mastered with lots of humor and fun.
The reports were short and to the point. The word of the day “Euphemistically” was used a few times.
Afterwards we had a fabulous apéro prepared by Caroline with some amazing bruschettas brought by Irma. As usual we ended the evening on a very good note.

Last Tuesday five of our incoming club officers went to their first COT, Club Officer Training. We are now trained and ready to start a new and exciting Lakeshore Speakers, Neuchâtel year. We are ready to reach new summits in this exciting adventure.
I am glad and proud of being part of this bold, courageous and BRILLIANT group!


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