Recap 29th August 2016


Following our summer holiday we took the opportunity to use this third Monday of the month to have a second monthly meeting. Thanks again to Doramys for organizing the meeting room at Celgene.
Helene opened the meeting and extended a special welcome to our two new members Anne and Giselle.
Special congratulations to Rena who took the Toastmaster role for the first time. This is an important role that is difficult to do the first time and she approached the evening with calm and good confidence. We look forward to Rena taking the role again and improving her skills at leading our meeting.
The first speaker was Susanne with the speech title “Esmeralda”. She was working on project #6, Vocal Variety where she was to use voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to the message; Use pauses to enhance the message; Use vocal variety smoothly and naturally. Esmeralda was a Garden rat that provided a great subject for laughs and practicing vocal variety. Lucia was the evaluator and she pointed out many supportive points about the speech.
Our second speaker Kathrin gave a speech titled “A strong Quality Culture is a competitive Advantage in the Biotech / Pharma Industry”. She was working on project #4 from the Persuasive Speaking manual to Addressing the Opposition. Her challenge was to present a talk on a controversial subject; Persuade the audience to accept or at least consider the viewpoint; Appeal to the audience’s logic and emotions. Margaux gave a very thoughtful evaluation and explained how Kathrin achieved her project goals.
Caroline was our third speaker with a speech title “Power posing – Fake it till you make it?”. She was working on project #5 – Your Body Speaks. She was working on use of stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact to express the message and achieve the speech’s purpose; Make body language smooth and natural; Focus on methods of delivery as well as speech content. Her expert evaluator Roswitha explained many positive points of the speech and gave some very good feedback to improve on use of body language.
Tomoko was our Table Topics master and the subject was our vacation experiences, both positive and negative. It was a good opportunity to be retrospective and expressive about experiences and attitudes towards vacation time.
Our grammarian was Helene, our timer was Giselle, and Doramys was the Ah counter. Irma was our General Evaluator and she commented on the overall experience of the evening.
Thanks to Lucia for providing the apero.
It was a fun, positive, and supportive meeting.

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