Recap 5th September 2016


Our first Monday of the month meeting was 5 Sept and it was a fun and entertaining evening.
Alexis was the Toastmaster and as noted by our Genera Evaluator, Kathrin, he was very good at introducing the speakers and moving the meeting forward in a fluid and engaging manner. Due to some confusion about printing the meeting agendas we were without printed copies. Alexis took the opportunity to write the agenda on the flip chart and it was agreed that this may be a better way to proceed in the future. It was pointed out that the printed agenda can distract from the toastmasters presentation and may be confusion to guests. At the end of the meeting we decided that we would manage without distributing agendas to all and that only key roles including TM, timer, Ah counter, and General Evaluator would need agendas.
Our first speaker Tomoko gave her 5th speech titled “Duration of memory – is it possible to change?”, her focus was on “Your Body Speaks” to use stance, movement, gestures, facial expressions, and eye contact to express the message and achieve the speech’s purpose; Make body language smooth and natural; Focus on methods of delivery as well as speech content. Caroline was here evaluator and provided some very good constructive feedback. She noted how Tomoko was able to regain her composure after losing her train of thought. She also complemented her on key gestures to emphasize parts of her speech.
Doramys was our second speaker with a speech title “Why our home is important? And, how can we create it?”. She was working on project #8 – Get Comfortable With Visual Aids where she was to select visual aids that are appropriate for the message and the audience; Use two or more visual aids correctly with ease and confidence. Her evaluator was Roswitha that gave her a glowing review with some suggestions on how to polish her delivery.
Margaux was our Table Topics master and she gave a brilliant, energetic , animated and funny introduction to her topic subject of fantasy wishes. She really put us in the mood to use our imaginations and be creative in our responses.
Our grammarian was Lucia, our timer was Catalina, and Irma was the Ah counter. Kathrin gave a great demonstration on how to be a General Evaluator by explaining the importance of feedback not only in our toastmasters meeting but also in our professional life. She gave supportive and constructive feedback to the role takers and evaluators of the evening.
Thanks to Caroline for providing the apero and to Anne who brought a very good apple tart.
Thanks to all for making a fun, positive, and supportive meeting.
Please note that we have a special meeting for our club competition next week Monday 12 Sept 2016. As there is a holiday on the normal 3rd Monday we have moved the meeting back to Monday 26 Sept. This represents a good opportunity to speak so take advantage.

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