Area J2 Contest 18th October 2016


On the Tuesday 18th October a group of us (Margaux, Caroline, Roswitha, Alexis, Kathrin, Mario, Helene) arrived in plenty of time for the area contest at EPFL/Lausanne. With cheerful readiness we were prepared with printed and signed contest documents and in our seats at 18h20 ready to start the contest, unfortunately we started late for a number of reasons. There were many lessons learned in this experience that we can use to improve future contests were we are involved.
Alexis competed in table topics. He developed a fabulous speech with a great ending on the subject “If you must borrow money, do it from a pessimist”. The competition was fierce so he did not place. Margaux was suburb with her “My life is a Tragedy”. In my opinion by far the best stage presence and vocal variety. Unfortunately, it was not enough as Krista Lumsden from Nyon and Carina Schey took the winning spots. The evening ended with the French Humorous Speech contest and Alexis rose like a phoenix and presented the winning French speech. Kudos to Alexis for preparing the speech and rehearsing within just one day.
On Saturday 29 October Alexis will be at the Division contest in Genève. I hope many of you will attend to cheer him on. The organizers were able to negotiate an exceptional arrangement with the venue IMPACT HUB. The registration cost including food is only CHF. 20! The Address to the venue is rue Fendt 1, very close to the train station.

Enjoy the contest and good luck!


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