Recap 17th October


Our meeting on the 17th October was very inspirational.
The word of the day was “alacrity” which means doing something with cheerful readiness or promptness. Even though we used the word four times, everyone showed up with alacrity in their roles.
Kathrin taught us how we can take a leap like a frog to get to our next level in our careers. She used herself as an example and showed us her strategy for positioning herself brilliantly on the job market. I spoke about how I went from “hitting the wall” to ”take back my life” and explained the first steps of the method I used. Margaux practiced her contest speech once more in front of the group.
With alacrity Tomoko gave helpful feedback to Kathrin, Max pointed out that I need to improve my repetitive hand-gestures and Mario encouraged Margaux to have fun with her speech at the contest and be as brilliant as she is.
Irma’s table topics were about how expats see Switzerland. The revelation was that we are all very picky about how bread should feel, taste and look. To my surprise a vivid discussion around bread continued during the apéro.
Caroline did a brilliant performance as the TME, she was prepared, cheerful and made the evening run very smoothly. Our reports team including the general evaluator (Anne, Alexis, Roswitha and Lucia) had been attentive and used their excellent listening skills.

Our next meeting is on Monday 31st October at the Neuchâtel train station.

Until then, Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!


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