Recap 7th November 2016


Lakeshore Speakers Neuchâtel has met 100 times since the start in 2012. The meetings have gone from good to best every time. Last Monday it was especially entertaining and creative.
Caroline spoke about manipulation and used the members individually to show examples of different types of manipulation. It was creative and interactive.
Kathrin entertained us with her story about how it was to grow up in the 70’s in Germany.
The table topics, mastered by Lucia, took us to Miami and an exclusive art vernissage. We met the artist, who explained how it all started, how some pictures showed the evolution and that he can show much anger when speaking about feelings. There were room for a lot of creativity and playfulness and the room roared with laughter.
Susan entertained us by explaining that “time is of the essence” and we really need to improve managing our time.
Anne introduced a new concept as the ah-counter… “we are making a cake”, in layers of “uhm, “so”, “uhm”, “so”. It was entertaining and we definitely got the point on how and where to improve.
The word of the day, “seemingly” was chosen by Doramys and it was used fairly frequently during the evening.
The evening was nicely managed by our TME, Mario. Irma the GE praised all role-takers on their tasks.
This was the last time Roswitha attended our meetings. She is moving to Hamburg. We wish her all the best in the future and we will miss her. To celebrate Roswitha we had an apéro with cake, champagne, wine and cheese.
Our next meeting is on the 21st November.
Until then, Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!

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