Recap 5th December 2016


Last Monday’s meeting impressed me in several ways; the first was that the meeting was set over a week ahead of time. Everyone made the effort to sign in and take a role early on. This helped our VPE Kathrin in numerous ways and also eliminated some stress. Keep up the good attitude.
Secondly, after a long absence, Catalina was quick to grab the TME role. She showed boldness and courage as she forged ahead with confidence and showed us that we can all be brilliant by taking action.
The third thing was that our members are quick to step in and take roles that became vacant on short notice. Thank you, Irma, for stepping into the General Evaluator “shoes” and deliver your thoughts with precision.
Giselle inspired us with her story about herself and how she climbed the ladder of life. She is a true inspirer for many of us.
Sam educated us on how different font-types have come to be used over time. Sam always finds the most interesting topics in everyday things that we take for granted.
Kathrin challenged us with interview questions and recommended that we would do anything to keep to at least a 2 minute-speech during table topics. We had extra time, so 11 of us participated. A special well done to our newest members, Andrea, Laurence and Olivier.
The reports were handled quickly and to the point. As the “ah-counter” I noticed that we still have room for improvement when in comes to eliminate the “uhm’s” and the “ah’s”. Practice makes us better so I encourage you to take roles and prepare your speeches.
On a final note, I would like to encourage those of you who have advanced a few steps to have a speech ready to deliver on very short notice. Initially we had 3 speeches scheduled but one was cancelled due to last minute notice. It would have been good if we could have replaced it. It does not always need to be perfect; we sometimes need to be bold, be courageous, and take the leap to plunge in!


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