Recap 19th December 2016


Monday 19 December was our last meeting of this calendar year and it was loads of fun. Before the recap let’s review what a fabulous year it has been for Lakeshore Speaker, Neuchatel.
We had many firsts for our club, the first being that we officially chartered to become our own independent Toastmasters club. After 4 years of activity, initially as a club in formation and then as a satellite club associated with EPFL Lausanne Toastmasters we were able to charter in May of this year.
As such this is the first year we have Distinguished Club Program goals and we are exceeding expectations. We have easily achieved the Distinguished Club and Select Distinguished Club status now it is only a question if we will reach the President’s Distinguished Club status. As we have just recently added 3 new members and a 4th committed for early January we are well on our way.
We take this opportunity to welcome our new members Stefanie, Andrea, Olivier, and Laurence. All are proving already to be great additions to our club.
Another first for our club is that one of our members, Helene, reached the highest Toastmaster level of Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) through activity at our club and beyond.
A special thanks is extended to our first year club officers: Helene (President); Roswitha (VP Education; Kathrin (VP Education); Alexis (VP Membership); Catalina (Treasurer), Mario (Secretary); and Caroline (Sergeant at Arms). You are providing great support.
We are all improving rapidly, we have motivated members, and our high quality meetings show that we are indeed a brilliant club.
Helene as the TME last Monday guided us through another enjoyable meeting. Our speakers were Susanne (CC #9), Lucia (CC #7), and Mario (Successful Club Series #6).
Tomoko provided constructive observations about Susanne’s speech and Caspar provided expert advice to Lucia on her speech.
Kathrin stepped in at the last minute to be the Table Topics Master and she provided an excellent example of how it is done with a short and descriptive introduction followed by entertaining segues between speakers.
Stefanie was the timer, Caroline was the grammarian, and Ingrid was our Ah Counter. Cathriona was our General Evaluator for the evening.
Due to the Christmas and New Year holidays our next meeting will be Monday 16 January Sept 2017.
Let’s make 2017 even better. Remember to be Brilliant in all that you do!



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