Recap 3 April 2017


We had a full and energized program last Monday. It started out with two fabulous Ice-breakers from Violette and Andreea. To our delight we were graced with the presence of Roswitha. She was our club mentor and made a significant contribution to the success of our club start up.
Violette took us on her journey of “Public speaking, a story of love and hate”. With passion and energy she conveyed to us her love and hate relationship with public speaking.
Andreea charmed us with her wit and smile, presenting her perspective on gender statistics in computer science comparing between Transylvania and Switzerland.
Caspar gave an educational session on “How to evaluate to motivate and inspire for high performance”. He gave clear instructions and examples of what an evaluator must do during the speech, how to prepare for the evaluation and how to deliver it so it would motivate and inspire the speaker to continue the TM journey.
I, Helene, and Alexis got our heads full of ideas and prepared our evaluations to the best of our abilities. After our presentations, Caspar gave us immediate feedback on how we can improve our evaluation presentations. Thank you, Caspar, for this instructive and helpful educational session. I learned that I need to be more subjective and use more I sentences such as“I suggest you should… “ or “In my opinion, I think….”.
Educational sessions are great tools we have at our disposal and we should use them more. Anyone can give them.
During the club business session, I presented the responsibilities of the Club President. One is to keep the mission of Toastmasters, make sure that we have a supportive learning environment which allows our members to gain self-confidence and personal growth. Another responsibility is to relay any information from Toastmasters International, the District, the Division and the Area to our members and represent our club during district and annual council meetings.
Giselle challenges us with table topics on the subject of teeth. Mario had to defend whether he prefers to lose his teeth or lose his hair. Catalina shared her “pleasant pain” when losing her first tooth. Andreea discussed whether it is better with a male dentist or a female dentist. Caroline explained the meaning of “having to grit your teeth” and Kathrin just made up what “by the skin of her teeth” could mean. The subject was innovative and we had a lot of laughter.
The reports were well handled. Oliver our Timer was precise and to the point; Cathriona our Ah-counter, “had an easy task this evening”. Kathrin, grammarian choose “perseverance” as the word of the day and it was used 9 times, a record. She also pointed out some helpful grammatical phrase improvements.
Mario’s general evaluation praised Caroline for a TME role well done. She showed efficiency and energy throughout the evening. Mario also took the opportunity to give Caspar some helpful feedback on his educational session.
After the meeting everyone gathered around the deliciously prepared apéro by Simon.

Next meeting is on the 24th April 2017

Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!


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