Recap 24th April 2017


We had a fabulous meeting last Monday. This brilliant meeting was set off by starting precisely at 18h30. Time management is very important not only at Toastmasters but also in business. By being ready to start on time and keep to our commitments we show respect for our fellow members. Let’s continue to be on time.
Three speakers presented entertaining, educational and inspiring speeches.
Lucia started with project 8, “visual aids” and took us on a journey around the globe participating in the sailing race “Vendee Globe”. She showed excellent slides and spoke with confidence and passion how the sailors’ challenges and skills inspired her. Gisèle’s genuine and personal style gave encouraging advice and provided good observations in her evaluation.
We can all learn more how to use visual aids. To find inspiration on how to improve your presentations with visual aids I can recommend that you watch TedX talks with Hans Rosling.
Alexis gave a presentation from the “story-telling” manual and told a spooky story about death. With innovative rhetoric, body and facial gestures he captivated his evaluator Kathrin’s attention so much that the story made her feel a bit afraid.
Simon walked up on stage with boldness and courage and presented his Ice-breaker without any notes. He presents with confidence, his voice has melody and he speaks with a great pace. I noticed as his evaluator that he had great eye-contact with the audience and he included the word of the day “surreal” in his speech and by continuing on his toastmasters’ journey he will become a great speaker.
Gisèle was the Table Topics Master and had choosen the theme; “Colours”. Her inspiring questions gave room for much creativity, fun and play. The speakers were Violette, Mario, Olivier, Stefanie, Caroline and Cathriona.
The role takers, Violette (timer), Mario( grammarian) and Caroline (ah-counter) presented their observations with precision, encouragement, clarity and constructive feedback.
Our General Evaluator, Andreea who took on the role for the first time handled the role with charm. She had control of her team and gave encouraging comments to each of us.
The evening was masterfully managed by Cathriona.
For information, we will have our annual General Assembly the 29th May during the normal club meeting. We will present the nominated committee for next Toastmaster’s year, we will learn how the club stands financially and how our projections are for reaching all of the Distinguished Club Goals. I hope many of you will show up for this meeting.
Our next meeting is already on Monday the 1st May.
Until then I wish you a wonderful weekend and encourage you to Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!


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