Recap 1st May 2017


We had a BRILLIANT meeting last Monday, 1st May.

For the second time in a row everyone were in their seats, ready to start ,when I announced the meeting opened precisely at 18h30! Keep it up to be on time.

Our guest, Valentina, a Toastmaster in the Lausanne International club enthusiastically took the role as our ah-counter. During the reports she announced thorough observations about our filler words. She was brilliant in her task and gave Lakeshore members some interesting twists on how we use filler words.

Because it was labor day Andreea had choosen “Laborious” as the word of the day. With great confidence she gave us a detailed description what the word means and how it can be used in different situation. Although we had plenty of opportunities to use the word it ended up only 3 times during the evening.

Laurence gave an in-depth presentation about Franchising. Mario’s observations included how well her speech was organized, how she appeared confident in her role as a speaker and how she could tweak the use of the stage to connect better with all of the audience.
Catalina talked about failure and her relationship to her own failures. Her project was “vocal variety” and I, Helene, encouraged her to consider that her voice can color her thoughts and emotions and it can be an instrument that it is worth practicing and mastering to skillfully influence her audience.
Lastly, Olivier opened our eyes to how to recognize fraudulent gems, specially saphires and rubies. With great visual aids and in a comfortable manner he gave the information. Stephanie had organized her evaluation in an excellent manner and had good observations and encouraging comments.

Our table topics, presented by Susanne, were all about the meaning of 1st of May and labor day.
In colorful words, fun commentaries, unexpected twist and strong convictions the speakers entertained the audience.

The timing was masterfully monitored by Omar and Andreea had many comments on how we used grammar, sentences, and quotes during the evening. Kathrin praised her team for carrying out the roles with brilliance.

Lucia championed the whole event as the Toastmaster of the Evening.

As always the meeting was followed by our traditional apéro with more stories and fun.

Until next time Be Bold, Be Courageous, BE BRILLIANT!


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