Recap 15th May 2017


It was a very interesting meeting last Monday, almost surreal.
Nine members had signed up of which three were the speakers. So we knew in advance that everyone would need to step up and take on multiple roles.
What we didn’t know or expect were that there was a massive car accident in the Neuchâtel tunnel and the consequence of this was that three members didn’t arrive on time.
However, by being bold, courageous and stepping into their leadership roles the members decided to get the meeting started.
Sam was the Toastmaster. Alexis presented a story from the story-telling manual and Giselle took the audience to her hometown Porrentruy. I cannot add much about their performance as I was one that was stuck in traffic.
Mario and I arrived just in time to hear Susanne give her 10th speech from the Competent Communicator. It is great to see how confident she has become while presenting and how she masters the contact with the audience via her eye-contact, body language and vocal variety.
Susanne, congratulations for reaching this important milestone in your Toastmasters’ journey!
During table topics Mario challenged us to do impromptu evaluations on the speakers. Although Sam, Lucia and Caroline had performed regular evaluations, the speakers received additional tips. Alexis had to evaluate himself and this seemed to put him in a new and challenging situation. The recommendation is to have fun with and about yourself, and be confident if you get to make a self-evaluation in the future.
The evening ended with a fun and intimate apéro. Just like old times!
Our next meeting is on the 29th May and I sincerely hope that most of our members will show up. We will have our annual general assembly and the new committee will be elected.
Until then,
Be Bold, Be Courageous and BE BRILLIANT!


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